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Things My Mother Taught Me 

by Katherine DiSavino


It’s moving day for Olivia and Gabe … you can tell by the chair “permanently” wedged in the doorway of their very first apartment.  It’s very exciting but stressful too.  Not only is the door blocked, but their lazy super has warned them that this is not a neighborhood where you should leave your belongings on the sidewalk.  As they are hauling their stuff up the fire escape, who shows up but Gabe’s parents and Olivia’s are not far behind.  Although it appears that they have come to “help”, the reality is that Gabe secretly invited them because he intends to propose to Olivia that night.  The super was right … their moving truck gets stolen with all their belongings inside, including the $20,000 engagement ring.  The proposal plan gets revealed by mistake and a great day has suddenly gone bad.  Lots of funny and touching moments before the theft and the couple’s future plans are resolved.


Olivia – late 20’s

Gabe – late 20’s

Lydia – Gabe’s mother

Wyatt – Gabe’s father

Karen – Olivia’s mother

Carter – Olivia’s father

Max/Maxine – building super, late 50’s (male or female)



Thursday, August 28  7:00-9:00 pm

100 High Street, Enfield


Production scheduled for November 1 (tentative), 7, 8, 14, 15


Questions can be addressed to Director Glenn Reese at






2014 Cabaret - NEW LOCATION !



                              tickets here



Coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
February 27 & 28 and March 1

The Return of Traditional Labworks!
Two one acts directed by Phaedra Beckwith




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Graceland by Ellen Byron
Two women meet outside the gates of Graceland, each hoping to be the first one inside when they open the Elvis Presley' home as a museum.

Lisa Eaton as Bev
Megan Moody as Rootie


Eleemosynary by Lee Blessing
An exploration of the complex relationships among three generations of
exceptional women.

Sue Reese as Dorothea
Stephanie Maloney as Artie
Rebecca Rinas as Echo






 Bone Chiller
by Monk Ferris

October 25 & 26, November 1, 2, 8, & 9 - 2013

Directed by Lisa Eaton
Anna Neild, Assistant Director

Phaedra Beckwith, Amanda Feliciano, Keith Giard, Zach Gray, Megan Moody, Gina Paro, Tony Partyka, Mark Proulx, Sue Reese, Rebecca Rinas, Carole Stokes, Anna Neild, Mark Vogel



Nailed it!
Directed by Spencer Reese and Heather Maloney
Musical Director, Phaedra Beckwith


I've got the Blues Singer Blues
improv 2

Directed by Becky Beth Benedict

Returning Members
Jen Rawlings
Summer Echelson
Karyn Burns
Logan Lopez
Diego Scataglini
Zach Gray
Anne May
Alex Bosco


Congratulations to Our Winners!

Best Comedy: How To Bake a Farce by Betsy Maguire

Best Drama: A Long Trip by Dan McGeehan


Congratulations to our Finalists!

After the Hersholt by Hal Corley
6 Words by Betsy Maguire
The Islands by Norman Simon
The Winner’s Choice Empress of the Waves Beauty Cruise by Reina Hardy
The Oak Tree by Jay Koepke
Good Talk by James McLindon







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